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One of the most vital aspects of all HVAC systems is their ability to regulate temperatures and thus the overall performance and effectiveness of all equipment. Refrigeration is integral to the operation of most modern HVAC equipment. The typical refrigeration cycle involves the following steps: circulation of chilled air in an evaporator, compression of cooled liquid gas in an expansion valve, compression of heated air in a blower fan, distribution of the warmed liquid through a cooling tower, backflow prevention, and lastly return of heated gases to the evaporator or storage. These steps are repeated multiple times for every cycle of operations in order to maintain a constant room temperature.

hvac Refrigeration

There are many factors which influence the efficiency of HVAC Refrigeration systems, including the type and make of refrigerant, the physical design of the equipment, and the operating environment. The most commonly used and efficient refrigerants are methanol and methane. These types of refrigerants have low vapor pressure, low boiling points, and high relative humidity. This makes them ideal candidates for use in HVAC Refrigeration systems. They also have high thermal conductivity and excellent energy efficiency, making them an excellent choice for use in air conditioning.

The physical design of a refrigerator, as well as the compressor and the cooling tower, affects the efficiency of an HVAC Refrigeration system in quite a number of ways. The amount of cold air present in any given area will dictate how much cold air must be circulated. A strong, yet hollow cooling tower forces warm air from the outside into the building where it is stored, forcing cold air to circulate around the inside of the building. The proper design of an HVAC Refrigeration system will also take into consideration how much cold air is available for use within the room. An improperly designed cooling tower could force warm air to pass through while the necessary cold air was not available.